moon dreams...

i was on a bus or van on the way to some kind of event, and remembered that i needed call queen afua, or someone like her.

she asks how my healing is going and what i've been doing, and i tell her that although i haven't started my detox plan, i'm having my first non-irritating cycle in months and that i've realigned with the full moon. she loved that, and spent a few moments giving thanks. i told her that i planned to start on the detox next week...

she told me i was doing well, and that i should continue to treat myself with care. i asked when she would be in the area again, but she wasn't sure. she assured me that she would be in touch, and i told her i'd return the gesture. and that was that...

i don't know if you've ever been on the "phone" in a dream, but it's always strange. like a cell phone with a crappy connection. you miss some things, but you hear what you really need to clear as a bell. sometimes things will repeat for you, like a record or cd.

i don't know who she was, or why she came in the guise of queen afua (probably so i would know that she was a healer...), but i am grateful to know that i'm being cared for and assisted by the spirit world.

maferefun egbe mi.

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