defies description

sometimes a small family is a blessing.

the service yesterday was beyond tacky. generic preaching, a blank program. not even any music piping in as you were settling.

i've been to memorials at funeral homes that were more personalized.

let's be real: any time the pastor starts in on scripture even i know?? all those kids/grown grandchildren, and no one bothered to sit down with him and tell him at least something about the woman? a few anecdotes? (bless his heart...he did the best he could with a (literally) blank program).

the damn funeral home people didn't even know what to do.

don't even get me started in my aunt in the prom dress from 1980something.

and i've seen it before.

if anyone put me away like that? i'd haunt them for the next 20 years.

granted, she passed suddenly, but they had a whole weekend to get things together. it was a memorial service, essentially. there was a brief viewing (who knew?), but no body there. she was cremated. i'm sure the church knew someone who could have donated some time to play the piano/organ. if they'd been given notice.

they had 2 people there who could sing...they seemed to get up when the pastor asked for various things...so i'm assuming they knew they were expected to get up and when.

i am so thankful i said my goodbyes in the hospital and saw her spirit smile. that satisfied me.

bless her life, and may her walk among the ancestors be a peaceful one.