consciousness stream 1

(concieved 12.27.03)

3rd eye
dream visions
reality on sound systems
and digital screens//

forced into
potential potential
i'd rather leave alone//

there's a finger on my life
don't know whose
...or who'd care enough
to pay that much attention//

books full of letters
letters make words
words make thoughts
paper universe
falliable malleable
capable of decay//

organically grown
streams of consciousness
running out of pens
leaking ingenuity

or maybe just
the narcissitic musings
of a wannabe nubian//

i think
my locs need a few inches
before i'm truly authentic//

or was i real
before all that//

sometimes i can't remember
...there's a lot i can't remember
the pages do that for me
making the price of paper
more than fair//

i need more music
i keep finding my way
out of the forest
the sounds should
hide me longer//

and i should open these books more often//

if i'm not going to meditate
communion of penstrokes
and keyboard clacks
are my only hope//

--if salvation even matters anymore.

(c) 2004 l.a.m.