this breaks my heart just as much as this does.

how did my people become so forgetful? where in the bible was christ condemning children as witches and burning them with hot water?

again, i say:

despite the disappointment i feel around these issues, i am convinced that the universe does nothing by accident or coincidence...[we need to arrive at a place] where the hoodoo way can be learned in conjunction with the history and culture of our people so that we are not worried about hunting down witches, but focused on casting spells (i.e., social programs, books, media, curricula) that will strengthen and uplift our people and the world.


trE said...

what's even more sad is that... none of it is surprising to me anymore. *shrugs*

creatrix said...

you're right...unfortunately, it's NOT surprising. but still disheartening.

i have never been one to claim that all the ways of the african were/are "perfect", but it does seem to me that at one point in time we at least knew who our true enemies were.

if we're turning against our children--here and/or abroad--what good could that possibly do?