for the last few years, i feel like my social life has been rather stunted.

i don't go out like i used to.

i've all but given up on the possibility of being some kind of (known) poet or spoken word artist.

i haven't developed some kind of agoraphobia or anything, but i have shut myself in.

maybe this is for reasons i don't yet understand.

but i'm learning to accept my hermitism. i still go out with friends and family, but i have also noticed that my apartment has become a sort of cocoon.

i'm certain that i'll emerge when i'm ready.

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trE said...

you're right, you'll emerge when you're ready. but, you actually sound a lot like me. my apartment knows more about me than anyone else b/c I'm here more than I'm anywhere else, and going out and splurging or venturing off to explore the world w/ some cool peoples just hasn't been on the to-do-list...

and, u've been tagged. tagged