myspace profile poetry

i emerged from olokun's waters
put one foot on the path, and ogun took my hand...

oya's winds push me forward
like harriet tubman's pistol
while obatala hands me bottles of fortified poland spring water

oshun keeps me laughing and feeds me honey
flashing my image in her mirror
so i can see how beautiful the journey makes me

while damballah sways in the grass nearby
reminding me of the beauty of rebirth

(c) 2006-07 l.a.m.


mindful said...

is amen appropriate here? i mean, i feel like i should type amen as my stamp on your words. this is relaxing and soothing. i could see each image; serene... so very serene.

saltwater taffy said...

would you believe me if i told you that i went to update my myspace profile this morning & that's what tumbled out? lol

i'm just in awe of/giving thanks for all the things spirit is doing in my life.

PretaMulatta said...

axe! spread it around!