giving thanks

i've found that this can serve as an immediate cheer-me-up or, at least a getting-thru-the-day.

after being violated, stolen from, getting bad news from several sources, and being exceedingly stressed out--all within the last 2 months--i really need to be grateful for something in order to balance out what i feel i've lost. so.

friends who double as prayer partners
my warriors & their protection which surrounds me and my home
geico! (they really are great. lol)
ile mi
fresh fruit...especially sinfully sweet, juicy nectarines
vacation time
sympathetic cats (thanks, 'dare)
geles in all their manifestations
omi tutu
rental cars & free upgrades
paper moon diner
the way he always lets me cry on his shoulder
cool breezes
french fries
the understanding that things are just that, and can be replaced
moon cycles & the power they bring

1 comment:

PretaMulatta said...

hey sugar.
sending u energy 4 wherever your journey has led u.

may u find your way safely home.