whenever i start to feel heavy and out of place, i know it's time for a fast.

the program that seems to work best for me is goo gobs of fresh fruit, smoothies and/or fresh juice, water, and cleansing supplements and herbs (e.g. ultimate cleanse, psyllium, flaxseed, green pills). i usually end with salads/raw veggies, gradually building back up to my regular diet. i'm also fond of lemon water, yogurt (in the smoothies and before/after using the cleansing pills), and chlorophyll.

given february's ordeal and this entry from march, it's high time for a break. my natural urge to cleanse comes up every 3-4 months or so if i've been bad--which i have.

experiences like this tend to lure me back into unhealthy habits and cycles in the name of grounding myself, but i'm learning that maybe it's better for me to walk around on tiptoe just a little bit.

i've read mixed reviews on fasting/cleansing during one's cycle, but i think i prefer it, especially since i've begun to realign with the strength of the full moon. menstruation is a profound cleansing in and of itself, so i'm taking it as a signal that in this cycle i need to clear obstacles with some physical discipline vs. prayer.

cleansing also means more clarity of mind and spirit, so i'm hoping this will also lead to a breakthrough in the battle with writer's block. i tend to journal more frequently and freely during a fast, and i've been hiding from my thoughts lately. time to stop that.

peace & clarity, y'all

today i am thankful for intuition and understanding.


toni said...

i've always heard that fasting right before and during your cycle is ideal. it greatly cuts down on the cravings and other "side effects". i've had bad results with some packaged cleanses. does the ultimate cleanse work okay for you?
p.s. i have been a lurker on your site and thought i would finally speak up.

sugar rush said...

thanks for lurking! lol.

yeah i've definitely found that modifying my diet to a more vegan one (i'm vegetarian already) around my cycle cuts down on food cravings and all of that.

i definitely find the the ultimate cleanse works...a good combination for me is one of each pill in the morning and before bed. it takes a little longer to feel the effects this way, but i prefer a gentler, more gradual cleansing feeling.

psyllium is good for a quick fix--like if i'm feeling overwhelmed, but know i don't want to/can't do a fast. i use this brand: http://yerba.com/storefront/item.asp?id=65