feed me...

i've been feeling hungry again.
so, naturally, now i want to know what i'm hungry for.

it doesn't feel so much like a need for travel like last time. could be related to the baby issue. maybe a reminder to get crackin on the job hunt? i don't know.

last night i did some offerings, but i couldn't really bring myself to pray--at least not aloud. i rested in my sacred space, trying to focus and make an effort to be present. there wasn't much else i could bring myself to do aside from listening to the thunder.

i've been working with my energy a lot lately...noting ups and downs, channeling it into experiments with card reading, prayer, sometimes writing. it's been a challenge, trying to keep from falling into old patterns of inaction and apathy, but i think i've done a good job.

but the hunger is a sign that i need more.

the journey continues...

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