first love

it was 1992...

he was tall with deep brown skin and high cheekbones. goofy, almost-handsome. sweet. with the highest hightop fade i'd ever seen.

at 14, i was just as goofy.
but he thought i was beautiful.

we met thru a mutual friend and spent the next four years growing up together. planning weddings, naming children. valentine's cards and birthday hugs.

he got me through some of the worst times in my life. there were times when i treated him like shit, but, through it all, he stayed. and loved.

if it weren't for him, i don't even know if i'd be here today.

i outgrew him first. he ran to my friends for advice. i ran to another man a hundred miles away. i thought he was prince charming for real.

he wasn't.

but after he got over his broken heart, we got back in touch and managed to remain friends.

he can (still) pluck my last good nerve on occasion, but i'll always love him.

happy birthday, j.


land of liberty

america is
the little sister
who bakes you a cake
"all by herself"
not enough sugar
too many eggs
that you must
choke down,
and call

(c) 2009 l.a.m.