random thought: cooking with garlic

one day i'm going to get one of those gadgets so my fingers don't smell like garlic for days after i've been cooking.

what had happened was, i fell in love with fresh garlic a few years ago and never looked back. no garlic powder in my cupboard. nope.

then again...i kinda like the stickiness of the oil and the crunch of the paper. so maybe i won't.

me and this tactile thing, i swear...


full moon gratitude

ain't got much money on this friday, but i am feeling quite grateful for what i have got:

breath and life in my body

an understanding of reasons, seasons and lifetimes

friends and family

the willingness and ability to learn, grow and expand

health and strength

sound mind


i am blessed, and trying my best to be a blessing. that's what i'm holding on to today.