consciousness stream 2

(birthed in the early a.m. of 10-25-04 & edited for something resembling clarity. there's a lot to work with, and there are probably more than 2 segments to it...who knows. it'll probably morph several times before i'm content with it)

scream break things/ scream break things

if i scream long enough/ and break enough things/ will you let me out?/ free me?/ numb me so i can forget or/

dumb me down so i don't notice?

can you stop me/ from dreaming?

the daily grind/ took its toll/ and it's more than i can afford

tax man's comin/ but you don't get no breaks/ this is the soul tax/ the one everyone pays/ it's the only thing/ everyone has/ and your lawyer can't find/ universal loopholes

maybe if i check myself/ into the local loony bin/ i can shake him/ i'm sure he looks there last/ there where the souls/ got twisted on the way in/ or out

snatches of reality/ caught between glimpses of other dimensions

mental illness/ has a thousand more manifestations/ than any therapist theorist quack or scientist/ could ever name

but names have power

it's not that/ we need a cop out/ road rages are/ no less insane than
schizophrenic fantasy worlds

it's that/ there's money to be made/ pills to sell/ books to pen/ seminars to lead

the roots get lost/ in the study of the magnificence/ of the foliage and/ the sweetness of the fruit/ but the roots/ are rotten

scream break things

i need help but/ don't have enough lines left/ to tell you why/ i wear invisible shackles in/ an open air prison/ and folks too blind to see the chains ask/ why can't you walk straight?

why can't you move right?

tell them to/ enhance their vision/ adjust their mental contacts/ get spiritual bifocals/ and they turn away

scream break things

what if i/ broke myself/ would you piece me together?
that's love for real.

would you know/ where my shards fit together?

that's understanding.


(c) 2004 l.a.m.