i should clean more often.

it's not that i'm a bad housekeeper, but i can get lazy. i was a lot more conscientious when i lived with other people.

i find i have a fairly high tolerance for my own mess. particularly when it involves dusting or laundry.

but there is nothing like the feeling of coming home to a freshly cleaned and straightened house. no random clutter, bed made, laundry put away, dishes-free sink, sparkly bathroom...

no wonder rich folks will go thru so much for a good maid.


mindful said...

I clean every Saturday and there have been many Saturday afternoons I wanted to pass it up, but the anal woman in me will not allow any of it.

and you're right, nothing beats a clean home.

oyadé said...

fuck it w/ a capital F. well, for tonight anyhow. thank you again, soooooooo very much!