i'm feelin a way (c) myra

it's like the slightest breeze/touch/bit of perfectly applied pressure will set me off into waves of bliss.

even cooking has given me a slight buzz. the feeling of the food in my hands and the scents of the spices are exhilarating.

there's a feeling of
warm ripples of honey
fresh water

(i can't even imagine what it would be like to swim right now...good god)

i'm very aware of me. fully in my body.

i think it's been a long time since i've allowed myself that. for a lot of reasons. but it feels fantastic.

i'm gonna have to ride this til the wheels fall off. gotdamn.

today i am thankful for oshun's blessings.


secret squirrel jenkins said...


girl, i feel quite luscious myself.

the trip to bklyn blog soon come.

PretaMulatta said...

ummmhmmm. girl! oxum has laid the honey on thick all across the board.

i am giving thanks with u.
again and again and again.

snake woman, she who hears said...

yeah coming into work was something of a buzzkill...

classic omo osun moment...she can make it so easy to forget that the world outside is not always blissful and that there are bills to pay...

i haven't come completely back to earth, but i'd be lying if i said the monday morning drop wasn't a doozy. ha.