if someone had told me 5 yrs ago that i'd own a cat, i would have laughed.

but...here i am.

this little bugger & i have really bonded. in the last 6 months or so, we've carved out routines, enjoyed snuggles, had a few fights, and some makeups.

i knew he was unusual 'cause i felt drawn to him so soon after meeting him. even ppl who don't like cats like this cat. yes, he does take a moment to warm up to you, but once he does...

so they took him out of his cage for me, and i held him. his little chin went right to the crook of my arm. and the blue/green/yellow-ish eyes said it all.

this was my cat.

he came to me @ 12 wks old and took to my house immediately.
he does not fear water.
i call him my familiar. and i think he realizes/responds to that.
he protects me and has a watchful eye.
then there's the habit of resting under my altar...
he wakes me up if/when i sleep too long.
there's nothing "prima donna"-ish about him. but he loves to be loved.

4 legged ppl are cool.


mindful said...

once you've gone dog, you won't go back...

i had cats growing up, one male and one female... eh... but i do know how easy it is to fall in love with your four-legged friends, so easy indeed.. :-)

saltwater taffy said...

i actually grew up with dogs, but can't keep one now 'cause of my schedule. a cat's much easier.

when i get my house and/or more space, i'd ideally like one of each. i don't think 'dare would take well to a puppy though...