you need this movie.

just trust me on this one, kids.

the folks behind it all

it was given to me, so i pass it to you.
more people need to see more things like this.

i think that part of the reason this country is stuck wallowing in its own mess is because we're understimulated.

i know most people would say we're overstimulated....too much access to information and such. but most of the information and images we're exposed to here are junk food. they make you feel good for a moment or three, but over time, they're just going to make you sick. and dis-ease can only lead to time and energy spent on regaining wellness (re-education) instead of spending that time and energy into making something new. better. something that will benefit.

there is too much power in the wrong hands.

our "freedoms" aren't burgeoning our creativity. in any sphere...not just art/music/whatever.

we have confused a high standard of living with satisfactory quality of life.
they are not the same thing.
i'm going to keep saying that until people get it.

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