i love this man

if i was that kind of psycho girl/fan, i'd probably send him an email & ask him to marry me.

what can i say? i like the way he thinks.

I sometimes think that if everyone were simultaneously exposed, if we finally found out exactly how weird everyone else really was--if, as an old cartoon of mine has it, we all had X-ray vision--we might all finally agree to let drop quite a lot of the pious horseshit that passes for public discourse in this country. The people who are really creepy and dangerous are the ones who aren't faking; who really do wait until marriage and then only ever do it in the missionary position in the dark for the God-sanctioned purpose of procreation. It gives me a little shudder of revulsion just to think about it.

right on, tim.
right on.

(read the artist's statements. seriously.)

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