dr. king et al.

the first half of tre's latest entry (dated 1/16) speaks to mlk and his legacy/influence...which got me to thinking...

i'll be the first to admit: while i respect the man & his accomplishments, i take the actual day for granted. i don't feel the need to go to mlk convocations or speeches held for the occasion. they could just as easily not give me the day off and i wouldn't complain.

far too often blk ppl relegate their history to 3 times a year: mlk day, the month of february, and kwanzaa (for those who celebrate, anyway).

what about the rest of the year?
what are your children learning in november? march? may?
at what other times do we come together to address the state of our union?

there will be no more great black leaders.
intellectuals, yes. role models, sure. entrepreneurs, definitely.

but the revolution has to start with food co-ops. it has to start with taking back our communities/schools/families. it has to start with self-determination and self-discipline--and i'm not necessarily talking about buying into the american dream.

i'm thinking maybe we need to forge something new out of that dream/nightmare and make it something that works for us.

we could never put that job on one man or woman. anything from here on out is going to take a group effort.

i mean, shit. i'm just talking. i don't have the answer either. probably because there isn't just one answer, and never will be again (if there ever was).

we are being assaulted on all fronts, not just one. it isn't just about segregation anymore. it's a multi-faceted, moving target now. and the vision required to hit said target is monumental.

my only advice--the only advice i've determined is worth following--is this: fight your battle. use your gifts to the fullest extent possible, and talk to others who are doing the same. form diverse networks & coalitions.

fuck all this over-specialization; be well-rounded. but maintain your focus.

and then maybe some solutions will start trickling in.

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mindful said...


sometimes, i wish i had a wand specially made to wave around and bring peace on earth and good will to every woman and every man. but... that'd be a fairytale, now wouldn't it?