take this how u wanna.

i know earth goddesses.
fire women.

i suppose i’m a love sprite.

but not like…a silly, pixie-ish one just out for blazing trails & breaking hearts.
i'm an older, wiser one.
full of river-water and tiger strength.
seeing thru lotus-blossom irises.

one that brings you the loves that teach you lessons, change your life.
loves that make you whole when you’re broken.
and when you're whole? my love breaks you down...
only to rebuild you in the image of god.

that type of love goddess.

a spirit not really meant to stay here for long. or maybe just didn’t need to.

but decided to settle in for a loooong stay anyway.

how can i say these things about myself?
how can anyone?

does it make sense? fuck if i know.
i just know it. it comes to me. in my dreams, in my thoughts...

and right now, in this constant state of dream-waking....i don't know what's really real and what isn't. i don't know how i drive to work in the morning. how i make it home at night. i just do.

i'm going thru the motions on a lot of levels. for at least 8 hrs a day.
but i know what i hear. what i see.

it's becoming more and more difficult to shut my eyes.

if that means
getting crazier
dancing naked in moonlight
dressing like a child
shedding my skin
following my bliss
buying more jewelry
skipping town

...so be it.

i gotta get free.

hang in there...there's prolly gonna be several more ramblings like this one before it's all over.

just do like the bumper sticker says: get in, sit down, shut up, hold on.


Amit Gaur said...

its only life ..

saltwater taffy said...

as the kids say: you ain't neva lied.