skin shedding

aug. 1999

now that the dust has settled, i feel the need to flesh out this entry a little more.

i've reached a crossroads, and one of the most significant manifestations of that event has been a spiritual detour. once again, i've shed my skin, and despite the beauty of my old covering, there was no way i was going to fit back into it.

the locs, circa 2007

i sought out ifa searching for spiritual instruction/guidance and a better understanding of my destiny. i certainly found it--on several different levels. the work eventually became less daunting, and although i still had spells of personal inactivity, i always wound up being called back to it.

i know that i will return to the tradition in one form or another. it is, quite literally, in my blood. but at this point, i feel called to go deeper.

kabiyesile and yeye still walk with me, but the tarot also calls to me. i desire communion with the other goddesses that flood my consciousness.

my ancestors will continue to be my strength, and i'm sure they will lead me to new teachers when i am ready. but now is the time to commune with my deepest self--assess the growth of the last two years and determine how best to move forward.

me now

there is still releasing to do. i have not had the time or soft place for a good cry, although i know i need one.

i've smudged and cleared the spaces that have been left behind, but i have not yet rearranged things to my liking. that may take time.

still, i know i'm on the right path. i just pray that spirit continues to light my way.

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