happy mardi gras, cher

i love mardi gras. for some reason, this is the only widely celebrated day that actually feels like a holiday to me.

i think it's all the ritualizing around impending spring/rebirth that i enjoy. plus i'm always in the midst of my birth-time energy. the depression and heaviness of fall and winter finally start to crack and fall away--no matter how cold it happens to be.

originally, i was born on a palm sunday. i think my actual birthdate has fallen on or near it several times since. i always liked to hear my mother talk about how it was an unseasonably warm, very beautiful afternoon.

i was raised lutheran, so mom always made pancakes for dinner on "shrove tuesday", also tons of fun. what kid doesn't appreciate breakfast for dinner? still, having successfully resisted sunday school, i did not understand the full meaning behind it until much later.

so this is, in many ways, my season.

spring seems to struggle to get here. it's not like october with a colorful equinox or that typical late may/june overnight leap into full summer.

the month of march feels almost violently transitional. anything can happen with the weather, from beautiful pre-spring days to freezing rain and snow.

it really is like a microcosm of my birth and my life.

so, enjoy the party, and don't give up too much for lent, hear?

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