revelations seem to come by the hour.

i need to do some work around money. there's something off about how that energy is working in my life.

probably said this a million times, but i really do need to commit to finding a way to move my body.

i need to revision my space.

this may be an example to follow.

smudging, bathing, cleansing...all very necessary. i have to shake off the last bit of this old skin and protect the new one.

i have blinded myself to something i desperately need to see. i am opening, but the mental blocks i put up to protect need to fall away now, even though i fear what will happen when they do.

i need more rest than i usually do. more quiet. my tolerance for nonsense, time-wasting, and other unnecessary things is waning.

my desert cravings are returning.
i should probably research the symbolism of that.

this list will probably continue to grow...

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