outrage of the moment

re: the new red bull ad

i googled and only came up with an indianz.com forum post.

it's interesting how the discussion mirrors ones i've seen on sites dealing with black issues: some folks saying it's definitely annoying/offensive, others wanting to deal with the larger issues. even so, because we live in such a media-driven society, it's important to recognize the intersections between how "they" make fun or light of you and how your other, more serious social issues are handled as a result. it's all connected.

i can't drink the nasty mess anyway (have issues with caffeine), but the first time i saw that joint, i had a "wtf?!??!?" moment. i may have even cringed.

racist? it's dancing on the line.

insensitive/stereotypical/asinine? definitely.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thats why we must employ intellect and reason to do joust in battle

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

true. i'm glad no one was making a national boycott issue out of it, but definitely a teachable moment.