saw an interesting message on twitter yesterday from god the mother:

I believe that people are drawn to spaces in this world that reflect their inner landscapes. What does your personal utopia say about you?

i need sun, heat, and plenty of water.

something between a mediterranean and a desert climate would be nice: never below 60-70 degrees, but definitely hovering around 85-90 in the summer. little humidity, some coolness at night. i wouldn't mind rain now and then, but would prefer to avoid a whole rainy season.

my house would be large, but not imposing. i don't want something that looks like what most americans think of as a mansion. a colorful adobe or hacienda style building would be perfect.

wide open kitchen and living room spaces, a small loft for an office, and a lounging/entertaining room that could double as a guest bedroom. plenty of natural light and wood/glass/stone furniture and fixtures juxtaposed with soft pillows, throws and fabrics.

my bedroom would be a hidden nook somewhere, essentially unnoticeable from the rest of the house. the entrance could even be a sort of optical illusion: a door hidden behind a beaded curtain. it'd have its own full, private bath...probably decorated in blues and purples.

i suppose i couldn't live in the desert and near an ocean, so i'd rather have the ocean. if i could be 60-90 minutes or less from a large, clean, beautiful body of water, i'd be happy. storms and all.

the waters are home, shrine, playground, and spa for me. a daily swim would do wonders.

i want my golden summer skin all year long.

i want to never have to wear more than two layers at a time. tights/pantyhose would be obsolete (unless they just looked really nice with my outfit).

i want to see beautiful plants, trees and flowers within any given month.

i want to practice yoga in my garden.

that's my utopia.


Anonymous said...

Actually in W.Moreland Jamaica its just like a dessert along a reef, and Negril beach is maybe 5 - 10 minutes away. Its crazy, cactus one minute, next minute the beach.

creatrix said...

oh word? lol. good to know. :-)

i should have known that if i can think of it, it's probably out there somewhere...