bella luna

i really, really, really do not like having to be at work all day during my first full day of bleeding.

not only does my energy fluctuate, but sometimes my cramps come back.

then there's the temperature paradox: i want to wear as little clothing as possible, but i run cold, so that's impossible. every layer feels like it weighs a ton.

i don't wear a lot of skirts, particularly in the winter. but all of a sudden i turn into a nun--i want the longest, flowy-est thing possible. i don't want anything constricting on my stomach and pants feel like prisons.

reason #205090 i need to find a way to make my own schedule...


Queen Huney said...

I Know!!! I do everything I can to try to stay home during this time, under my covers,dim lights cuddled with a cup of tea, no noise, minimum talking. lol

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

at one point i read about a nation that actually gives women "menstrual days" each month. i need to find a link. lol.