maferefun sango

i had a dream where i was trying to avoid a lightning storm.
eventually it caught up to me.

when the lightning struck, it didn't kill or maim me, it surrounded me. it flowed with my aura as a sort of shield. i could direct it outward through my hands, or pull the energy within.

clearly, baba was teaching me a lesson.

it reminded me of when yemonja handed me rocks that turned into beautiful shells...i don't have to fear the energies that reside within. i need to use and manipulate them for growth and change.

Alaafin, ekun bu, a sa
Alaafin, (the king of Oyo) snarls like a leopard and the people run away

Eleyinju ogunna
One whose eyeballs glow like charcoal

Olukoso lalu
Olukoso, the famous one of the city

A ri igba ota, segun
One who uses hundreds of cartridges to win victory in war

Eyi ti o fi alapa segun ota re
One who used pieces of broken walls to defeat his enemies

Kabiyesi o
We honor you


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