i'm piggybacking her joint today. i heard about this mess several days ago, but didn't know how to respond, or if it was even worth it.

she pretty much hit the nail on the head.

i posted on okp for several years, mostly during college. while i made some good friends through the site--online and off--i've also seen just how ugly and petty it can get over there.

newsflash, y'all: a whole lot of women would be living the life erykah's living if they had the financial capability and emotional/spiritual understanding she does.

dudes wanna get their boxers in a bunch when they realize that truly conscious women, ones who are interested in living their best, most authentic lives, might just wanna have their babies and raise them and leave the rest be. in fact, some women have been forced to do so already.

remember this video? a lot of women would like that life.

many men's views of what a conscious woman is and/or should be are couched in the concepts, ideals, and mores of veiled (or not so veiled) patriarchial systems.

in other words, more of the same--they just call you queen while they do it.

but there are other women who've come to their consciousness above and beyond those systems. others have even attempted to reform and reimagine those systems in their own images. and that's when the labeling starts.

e.g., it's cool to be a good rasta woman or a righteous earth, but erykah's just a kemetic-slang spittin' poser.



sparkle said...

girl, TKON will have you think you're wrong for drinking 8 glasses of water a day if you let 'em. lol.

TruEssence said...

I read about this a few days ago! I love Erykah's response!

Everything you said is the truth sis! I feel like this... some people just love to project their ideals on to others, not stopping to think that people have to live their lives the way they see fit. I and no one else is in the position to judege the way that Ms. Badu chooses to live her life. Interesting that it was a lot dudes protesting!It definitely gives me pause amd question some things...
It is her body/power to have as many seeds as she wants. She will nurture them and water them as best as she sees fit.

creatrix said...

yeah, the number of men having issues with her situation was quite telling. hit dogs yelping, maybe?