one denial away from a temper tantrum...

another day stuffed with pockets of frustration.

it's 10pm and i've barely settled in, but i've gotta find a way to get to bed anyway.

work's demanding.

briefly thought about going out, but i'm stone broke.

i didn't eat lunch, but i at least got a bottle of water in.

lovers are quiet.

dreams are elusive.

your blessing will come with the full moon.
i hope so.

the egun are whispering, patience, child. patience.

i'm trying.
i really am.

normally i am patient. i don't mind waiting, biding my time.

but suddenly the very thought of having to wait a moment longer for anything makes me want to scream and holler.

what am i in such a rush to get to?


TruEssence said...

Your posts always make me go within myself because they generally reflect some of the same thoughts. I really connect with the feeling of wanting to rush to get to somewhere but I always ask myself what do I want and need to rush to...

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

word...i don't know what's been going on, but it feels like it's starting to lift...