the moon is waning...

my intuition feels...off. or maybe he's just confusing. i don't know anymore, and this thing isn't enough of a "thing" to try to figure it out.

there's still a lot of this feeling. i don't know whether to throw it off or wrap it around me like a blanket.

the house needs cleaning, but i still don't have the energy. i don't know why clearing space can be so difficult at times. there's still a suitcase beside the couch from the florida trip for chrissakes.

i feel like i've hit some kind of wall...a messy wall. i'm not quite sure what i want to do with these feelings.

i need to use this poem as a prayer.

i just realized i've been drinking water almost steadily for the last couple of hours. i'm sure i need it.

eh. i'm not saying shit.

i'm gonna throw on something from my itunes folder and type up some more pages. if i'm gonna be stuck in the house on a saturday night, i can at least be productive.

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