around the house...

holy water

stuffed zucchini (breadcrumbs, tomatoes, garlic, etc.)

one of my favorite symbols on a shirt i hardly wear


TruEssence said...

Love all the photos! The holy water with greenery looks very comforting. The stuffed zucchini looks so delicious! I have a green thumb love the fullness on the plant in the third photo and really dig your shirt.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...


fresh basil is excellent for cleansing yourself and/or your house...just like using sage or incense to smudge.

those plants are some of the few i don't kill. LOL.

the shirt reminds me that i should be doing more yoga... :-)

YeYe: Sweet Mother said...

I love it...creates a warmth that is inviting...pray that your space feels the same

creatrix said...

modupe! most people come in, sit down, and zone out. lol.

i need to bring it back to its ideal state: freshly straightened, incense burning, candles lit...lately it feels kinda overwhelmed, like me. :-)