i saw jill scott in concert this weekend, and she was phenomenal. these days it's rare to hear a voice so flawless and clear, in or out of the studio. not only that, but her rapport with the audience is fantastic.

but i wasn't feelin' it like i should have.

typically live shows are transcendent for me. i love the feeling of a stadium or concert hall full of folks sharing the same experience, the way our energy fuels the artist, the live instruments...all of it.

but...i'm realizing that i'm still quite numb. dulled. i've lost a good deal of my shine.

i see glimmers here and there. there are vague memories of my laughing, fabulously flirtatious self. i miss her terribly.

i'm sure that once the sun comes back for good and the temperature is hovering around 70-80 degrees, i'll begin to ease out of my shell a little faster. i can't resist sun-kisses.

and, i must say that i'm grateful for this transition coming when it did--it'd be awful to contend with if winter were just beginning.

this year, spring feels like a true renewal. nothing wrong with that.


sungoddess said...

I trying hard not to be jealous. It's not working... did she sing "Crown Royal"? That's my jam...

creatrix said...

yeah, she did...

totally made me rethink getting the new joint. i think she's saying some things i need to hear.

i especially dig "i just wanna be loved".