bountiful woman

i stumbled across this sista's myspace page just now and found this:


You are a bountiful woman and if you had
been born in the Motherland among your
Matabele cousins, you would give birth on
one day and the next day strap your newborn
infant to your back, lift your fifty pounds of
wares with ease, carry them to the market to
display your new child and laugh and sing!

You would sit proudly on the Tribal Council
to keep the frivolous men in line and when aged,
be surrounded by your plentiful progeny,
on feast days you would sing songs of love, marriage,
plentiful crops, occasional famine and tell the tribal
history in your songs and tales.

But, your fate has been to be born into a
nation that worships females that resemble
an adolescent boy with breasts instead
of singing songs of blissful union, you tell
tales of unrequited love.

Be patient, Bountiful Woman, because
Somewhere out here is a man who will love
You precisely because there is so much
Of you and you will dance with him and
Sing songs of joyous love!

she credits "Baba Sam" with those words...


TruEssence said...

Beautiful poem! Thank you so much for passing it along!
Have a content weekend!:)

sweetness said...

you're welcome!

i think we have to remind ourselves that there's not just one standard of beauty in the world...