i had dairy today. probably more than i should've. but i don't plan on making it a habit. that was the first time in awhile that convenience has trumped conviction, though.

...having said that, i've been eating pretty horribly overall the last week or so. blame my crazy ass work schedule.

my bed no longer feels comfortable or comforting. i want a new comforter. i probably need new sheets, too. one of the items on my desire list is a set of ridiculously indulgent/expensive bed linens.

i haven't been drinking enough water.

spring's working on me. i sense my man-lust creeping back. at the same time i'm wary of even a slight flirtation. besides, i don't have the energy right now to maintain anything of the sort. but i need a few decent, person-to-person orgasms...

he says he thinks he's dying. and i'm worried. what would i do without him...

i feel like i'm never gonna start this cleansing regimen. or clean my house. there's always something in my way or on my mind...

i'm enjoying my new book.

my exhaustion is making my interactions feel forced. the days run together.

i'm a little pissed i don't get paid til tuesday.

...i know that post kinda fell off a cliff. that's sorta how i'm feeling at the moment.

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