the list

(in no particular order)

1. find outlets for expression.

2. balance.

3. physical/emotional/spiritual health, comfort, and strength.

4. joy, peace and serenity despite circumstances.

5. clarity in relationships.

6. formulate life purpose and dreams.

7. creativity --what do i need to flourish? make time? focus? find community?

8. stop compartmentalizing. find ways to be whole and express wholeness.

9. discover deep eroticism.

10. cry when i need to for as long and as hard as i need to. let go. don't suppress discomfort or pain. be vulnerable with yourself if no one else.

11. if prayer seems ineffective or difficult, go within. meditate.

12. exercise. dance. move your body.

13. rest fully and deeply.

14. create, manifest, foster and expect bliss.


TruEssence said...

Love your list sis! I found myself saying me too while going down that list.
Have a content weekend!

mindful said...

9 and 10...



creatrix said...

i wrote the damn thing, and i'm still trying to hide from it. LOL. i do this all the time...

i'm not gonna let myself, tho. i gotta fight against this black hole threatening to suck me in...

glad y'all are feelin me...