the problem.

i want what i want,
i want it NOW,
and i want it done RIGHT.

no substitutes, no exceptions, no excuses.

nothing half assed.

be present or stay outta my fking face.


i do not intend to be loving, nice, amorous, or sweet if you're not doing your job. i do not want to coddle your ego, quell your insecurities, or lick your wounds. you need to understand that your 100% may feel like 20% to me.

so where's that other 80% coming from? me, right?
so why are you here? what's your role? purpose? intention?
what's your contribution?

The world brought me to my knees, what have you brung you? / Did you improve on the design? Did you do somethin' new? (c) lupe fiasco

don't mind me...i'm just a little pleasure starved and bliss deprived. i'll figure out a way to fill up sooner or later..


mindful said...

one of the biggest reasons why i'm *still* single... that other person doesn't help me even out the scales. so, why bother? this has been brightening up my days lately: http://www.flickr.com/photos/msmind/

taking photos again keeps me smiling.

your sunshine will come soon lady. he's just gotta :)

creatrix said...

sometimes i think i own the sun, moon and stars.

other times i don't know.

it's a rollercoaster i keep riding...