incarcerated scarfaces

this breaks my heart.

what's even worse are the ignorant, racist comments accompanying the clips.

how many of those folks who wanna talk about "just be a big brother", "work hard(er)" and "free will" know anything about what it's like to face some of the circumstances these men have just trying to make it to 18 or 21?

i'll be damned if i judge a man whose shoes i can't wear.

i ain't sayin it's right. we need to do everything we can to stay the hell outta the system, including being smarter & doing better. shit ain't cute.

and blks v. latinos is just...ridiculous.

newsflash: the only difference between us and y'all is that (1) you speak spanish and (2) the white blood y'all got is spanish and/or portuguese, and ours might be scots-irish, french, or german--depending on the state our family wound up in. the rest is african and indigenous, just like y'all.

some of us just got off the boat a little later. feel me?

we've gotta keep our babies out of the cogs of this machine...

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