runnin across my mind...

i gotta break this one up into pieces...

you really need to read this woman's blog, discovered thanks to the illustrious goddess glory. wait til you're @ home...darkdaughta isn't erotic, but there is quite a bit of nudity, both in the background art and her birthing stories.

to deprogram the way she's done and to seek to give her children the same gift from birth onwards is nothing short of miraculous. she gets serious props from me. if we don't wise up and the fall comes (heaven forfend), kids like hers are the ones who'll survive & lead the revolution.

speaking of birthing stories, the intense, nearly bone-deep desire to experience pregnancy, birth, and motherhood has returned. it could be a manifestation of the other changes i'm trying to create and work through...but again, it's not merely mental.

considering the current state of my relationship, i don't know when or how my baby will manifest his/herself. but i have prayed that the event be inundated with bliss from beginning to end. when those conditions can be met, i'm sure i'll find myself in a family way, as the ancestors used to say.

i'm also aware of the 10 things this morning...after a few days of discomfort and aggravation, i'm enjoying myself again.

another plug: check out fatman scoop & shanda, if you haven't already. they're hilarious. and a wonderfully loving couple, if i do say so myself. i'll bet that in 30 yrs, they're gonna be the grandparents makin everybody grin with envy 'cause he's still chasin her around the kitchen like they just met.

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oyadele said...

omg. scoop and shanda are toooooooo cute!!! love it. thanks for putting me on. :D