things i am coming to accept

1. i'm dope.

2. despite my naysaying & shit talking, i'm 99% certain i will give birth at least once. and i'm sure that after the first time, i'll want to do it again.

3. i am a channel. i exist as a gifted conduit for divine energy. fully accepting that fact in spite of the skepticism of most of the world around me will lead to my bliss.

4. i am a child of sango.

5. i have everything i need to become everything i ever wanted to be.

6. the only thing in my way is me. 'cause...well, see #1.

7. i can write. i need to make that known so ppl will buy my books and i can make money and keep writing instead of sitting at other ppl's desks withering away. toni morrison is an inspiration 'cause she didn't get going until her 30s...einstein, too.

8. water is my lifeblood. oceans, rivers, lakes....lately every time i see one i want to jump in and walk the bottom.

9. i am loved, protected, cherished, and looked after. in other words, ain't shit i need to be worried over. moments of negativity are simply bumps in the road.

10. i'm dope.


PretaMulatta said...

girl. u are the blessing this morning. i woke up with worries in the background again, and needed 2 read this 2 re-member MYSELF and see myself in that mirror.

blessings. and thanks.

snake woman, she who hears said...

you're more than welcome.

it's so nice to be in a "blessing cycle" with someone. too often our cycles revolve around so much bullshit. who has time for that? lol.