i guess i'm it....

she tagged me...

*What side of the heart do you draw first?
the right

*Can you dive without plugging your nose?
yeah...just exhale when you hit the water.

*What color is your phone?
gray (@ work)

*Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
eh...i don't think i have an answer

*Where are you right now?
desk @ work

*How do you feel about carrots?
good only when finely shredded in salads, steamed for chinese food, or in soup. i can tolerate fresh carrot juice, but only w/ apple and ginger.

*How many chairs at the dining room table?
don't have one

*Who is the best Spice Girl?

*Do you know what time it is?
hammer time! (i know, i'm sorry)

*What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
stay calm.

*What’s your favorite kind of gum?
orbit peppermint. original will do, too

*T or F: All is fair in love and war?
love, essentially. war, no.

*Do you use words that you don’t know the meaning to?
i try not to...i look 'em up to be sure.

*Do you like to sleep?
it serves its purpose...

*Do you know which US states don’t use Daylight Savings?
wow...um...no. that's one useless fact that hasn't stuck to my brain yet, thank u

*Do you know the song Sugar We’re Goin’ Down?
say wha?

*Do you want a bright yellow ‘06 mustang?

*What’s something you’ve always wanted?
enough money (or influence, reason, etc) to be able to travel anywhere, at any time

*Do you wear a lot of black?
not quite as much as i used to

*Are you an adult?
ya damn right i am. but why is this a question? lol

*Who is/are your best friends?

*Do you have a tan?
it's kind of a permanent one, but i do get a little more golden in the summer...

*Are you a television addict?

*Do you enjoy spending time with your mom?

*Are you a sugar freak?
gives me headaches

*What is your favorite movie?
too many to name

*What’s your sign?

*Where do you wish you were right now?
somewhere like fiji...tropical paradise, enjoying the ocean

*Who did you copy this from?

*How do you know them?
from okayplayer

*Would you have sex with them?
no, but sheesh.

*What brand of shirt are you wearing?
something in organic cotton done by a graf artist i "met" on myspace. lol.

*Have you ever smoked anything?

i'll get one a y'all shortly...dunno who yet...

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mindful said...

thanks for playing along lady. some of those questions are seriously silly and completely senseless. lol...