my next lover should be sweet.

nothing heavy, nothing formal. just enough sugar, just enough comfort.

lovely sunday mornings with no hard feelings.

a man with his own clean, comfortable space i can ease into for a while. a vacation from my life. a little happiness for both of us.

..and the ability to let go when it’s over. a fading into the sunset.

pleasant memories. no scars.

i’m sure i’ll travel the battlefield again. but not now.

peace is what’s important.


sugar rush said...

there's more to this, but it's still brewing...

we'll see how it works out.

mindful said...

"peace is what's important."

you are so right...

PretaMulatta said...

i'm praying peace your way. why is it we're all struggling, as honeyfilled as we are???


Pronto llegara,
El dia de mi suerte
Sé que antes de mi muerte
Seguro que mi suerte cambiara -hector lavoe

sugar rush said...

i think the struggle comes from rying to remake our worlds in the sight of our glitter-covered glasses when the rest of the planet is convinced that ugliness and horror are unavoidable.