so i said my prayer last night...

i didn't cry, but...my voice cracked. something in me was shaken by the process of cleansing/healing. that just proves there's something that was determined to hold on to me.

it's all good, 'cause i'm letting go of it.

i can't tolerate any drains on my energy right now. anything that's not beneficial is not worth my time and strength.

next step is to start working on my full moon prayer to oshun...to ask that the spaces the obstacles left be filled with sweet things.

in the meantime, i'll take the time to clear/reinvent my physical space. since i won't be going to south carolina (insert sad face here), i can spend the money on getting some things for the house.

today i am grateful for healing & purification.

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mindful said...

amen to this, "anything that's not beneficial is not worth my time and strength."


here's to the rest of your week being peaceful as well...