the lady with the fire hair

i had another dream last night about the woman with the red/orange afro. this time she lived in an adobe-type house that seemed to have no doors. there were all kinds of desert colors and pillows/rugs on the floor...it was a beauty salon on the outside, but inside was a sort of elaborate tipi.

this time she was very light skinned with the hair. i was told her name was gloria. she was supposed to be native american, but just appeared to be a "redbone" black woman to me.

last time, she was a smaller, browner woman driving a bus and handing out oshun-lessons.

the first time she was a short, bronzed woman dancing.

she's always a kindly, healing presence, something like a grandmother. even so, she doesn't look old enough to be one, let alone mine (she's always around 35-45 or so).

last night she did my hair and we chatted...the longer we spoke, the better i felt. she always seems to come around when i'm unsure of what's going on around me.

today i am grateful for the presence of the ancestors.

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