i'm tired of it. all of it.

i want to go somewhere and scream or cry. or both.

i'm tired of feeling like i can't speak, like i have no fking voice whatsoever.

i'm tired of not feeling like i belong anywhere.

sick of having no ambition, no drive, no solution.

i can't seem get my thoughts together in any coherent sort of way. nothing comes out right. i can't make anyone understand how i feel.

i can hardly even eat.

i can't get up in the morning.

i'm tired of this life full of square holes.

i'm round, dammit.


mindful said...

have you thought about moving to a different state or city perhaps?

maybe a change of venue|scenery may help... *shrugs*

saltwater taffy said...

hm...yeah, it's been a thought, but there are quite a few problems with it, the most obvious being my relationship. he has a child and wouldn't be able to go far...and neither of us would survive a long-distance relationship.

ultimately i need to be more "me". and that's a journey i'm still trying to get up the courage to make.