mood swings & machetes

mmm mmmm....i am feelin right evil this morning. i feel like i've been handed a machete...and now i'm trying to figure out how to use it. full kali mode.

i could be onery 'cause i miss honey and just don't feel like going thru all the emotion to say/express it in a different way. besides, he's still busy/not sleeping/dealing with his own shit so i'm kind of ambivalent.

or maybe i just wanna keep (most) folks at arms length.

maybe i'm frustrated about trying to get where i need to be.

i might be tired of boredom.

i still have that dull, colorless feeling. i need sensation.

i'm tired of looking at the walls at home, yet i'm too drained/unmotivated to go out and do anything else.

it's probably the hormones. that's about the only thing that can make me this crazy. pms sucks. especially when i can't remember to bring my !@&$*#& womb tea to work...

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