the door's ajar...

i was writing in my sleep last night...i haven't done that for years. i mean, i've picked up on a poem or an idea, but this was the beginning of a story.

of course when i was thinking/acting more freely, i'd get up and start writing down whatever it was before it got away from me in the morning. but lately a cost-benefit analysis ensues.

"hmm....sleep or...get up at whatevertimeitis and start scribbling?"

on a work-night, i'm probably gonna choose sleep.

it's a bad habit, and one i'll have to i have to force myself out of. losing a little snooze now and then will probably have to be the sacrifice i make to get my creative juices flowing again.

isn't that the psychosis of every artist?

i really can't afford to ignore ANYTHING right now.
i knocked on the door, and now it's been pushed ajar from the other side.

opening it fully is my choice & mine alone.

i'm tryin to run thru that sucka at full speed.

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