random blog #52349

i was gonna do a fast, but pms hit me like a brick. plus i didn't really have the funds to prepare for it anyway. will probably have to wait until late next week.

i'm still laughing at this.

i'm avoiding prayers, although i did perfume my egun table, replace oshun's cloth, and install yemonja in the bathroom. (i'm odd that way. hush. god/dess ain't finished with me yet. *grin*)

i want another tattoo, but i'll settle for fixing the erroneous "tiger" kanji first.

the pope scares me. (benedict, not necessarily popes in general)

i'm bored & a little lonely.

i keep forgetting to schedule that mammogram. ugh.

i avoided twitter today because everybody was on a "happy easter!" kick. i didn't really know what to say to that, so...

finally, art is cool. really.

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