i felt that i should list sorely missed things that i have ceased or nearly ceased to do for myself, whether the cessation was due to money, time, stress or plain forgetfulness.

hopefully this will help to hold me accountable and snap me back into compliance. within reason, anyway.

  • yoga
  • full self-rubdowns with shea butter
  • exfoliating showers (all you need is cornmeal, honey and a little water. make a paste with the cornmeal and honey. add water until it's spreadable. use as a scrub. you're welcome)*
  • self-induced g-spot 'gasms
  • splurges on jewelry/music/clothing/shoes
  • lingerie for no particular reason
  • more to come...

*forgot to shout out my girl dopegirlfresh for the ill homemade scrub formula.

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