on: swine flu

while i appreciate the human toll the swine flu has taken and may take over the coming weeks, it is a good reminder that we have not defeated or subdued nature, and as long as we live on this planet, we will not and should not do so.

germs are here to stay--whether we live in the richest, most technologically advanced society or the darkest slum.

death is part of life. so is illness.

yes, things have gotten better (here), but we also have to understand that there are plenty of folks across the world who are still dying in droves from things we don't even think about anymore (e.g. tb, measles, dysentery...)

but, if it worries you, here's the bottom line:

wash your hands, especially before you eat.
stay home if you're sick.
take proper precautions if your immune system is compromised.

...just like you would if a cold were going around the office. or a stomach flu.

don't allow the doomsday prophets and tamiflu pushers to warp your perspective. live your life.

oh, and you might want to google "factory farming" and "nafta flu", too.

stay well!


Newness of Life said...

Thank you for the tips. I have to keep reminding people that the antibacterial hand sanitizers will do nothing agains viruses such as the flu or swine flu. But simply washing your hands properly and taking precautions we should always take will suffice. Love your blog!

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i just heard that too, re: the hand sanitizers, but they were saying on the news that they *would* help (they did mention that the masks wouldn't work, though). sigh.

glad you like the space. :-)