i'm starting to feel like a flower.

a flower that grew every year in the same spot for decades--maybe longer

--until they paved that spot over for a new mini mall.

but the flower's still growing.

only now, it might not have a large enough crack in the cement to break through.

or, if it does, gets trampled by mindless teenagers and families on their way in.

the wild flower is ignored, even as people remark on the planned out, precisely ordered landscaping arrangement flowers in the area.

the flower would love to re-root itself in a forest somewhere, or even the park.

but it's stuck where it is.

how does a flower like that survive?


nehanda said...

for the first time in a long time, i am more tangibly hopeful for the future. irrespective of the surrounds that project otherwise.the hope resides that even in the midst of this global funk, it is still part of a larger parcel, evolution of the consciousness. sounds mambo jambo, and new age mantra. it was yesterday, while leaving work, tired, my body signaling time to rest and i was hoping id get to the car without needing the walking stick, here i was with all this thoughts swimming and seeking attention and i paused and asked, perhaps we are all participating in the transitional space into a higher collective evolution. perhaps, all this is part of natural selection and this aloneness, is part of a larger scheme of things? god, im tired..it doesnt sound all cohesive..its makes sense in my head lol

be love sis, you arent alone.

mbuya nehada

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i hear you. makes sense to me, anyway. :-)

what you're describing is part of the reason i plan on "tuning out" for awhile. no news, no negativity, staying in touch with the higher vibrations.

right now, in order to reconnect to that hope, i need to shut out the barrage of bullshit we've come to call "information".

Divine Ruler Equality Allah said...


nehanda said...

i found myself thinking about what you wrote. the desire of be-come insulated. i think its the only way to really listen to the truth. ever since i began this journey of letting go of the notion of control, through the health challenges, i am seeing that in the process of ' loosing' one faculty, i am ' gaining ' another. also, before i forget, there is abook you recommended, about the journey of goddesses.. i forget the name, would you please recommend it again. another thing, as one of bad, slutty, unequivocably with jezzebel tendancies, horrid repute, i cannot say how thankful i am for your courage.

mbuya nehanda

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

@DRE - peace...funny seeing you here.

@nehanda - i love the use of the word "repute", especially when jezebel gets thrown in there somewhere. *grin*. i've often heard of folks learning some important things through health challenges. i truly believe in the adage of a closed door leading to an open window. you sound pretty brave yourself. :-)

re: the book...did i mention it in another comment? hmm...let me look for it...