quarterlife angst

i've recently come to the conclusion that it is necessary to make my own standard, carve my own niche.

see, the land of the free is really full of illusions of freedom. true trailblazing--outside of some very narrow norms--is not encouraged or understood.

so many people are washed out imitations of something else. the energy around "compliance" is so strong that breaking away from it is painful, even if, ultimately, you feel supported.

branding is divine. everywhere there is evidence that there can only be one big anything at once, instead of a community of anythings. almost invariably, one is arbitrarily lifted above all others, shutting down the "lesser" community--even if said community is better at it or has done it longer than the chosen one.

it is the principle of "out of many, one" taken way too far.

the awakening of a need to get out from under the hive can be distressing, but it has to be possible. i don't think i was brought here just to suffocate beneath its weight.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you were either...